550 sqft Minimalist Tiny House Design with 2 Bedrooms (51 sqm)

Homiful.com -- This is a modern tiny house design idea with a minimalist interior and exterior in a beautiful natural setting. This tiny house, measuring 7 x 9 meters, is ideal for those looking to downsize and live a simple, sustainable lifestyle. It has two bedrooms and amenities such as a kitchen and living room, making it an excellent choice for young couples or small families.

This is a 550 sqft Minimalist Tiny House Design with 2 Bedrooms (51 sqm).

The house's facade design

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The front building is designed to be simple and calming. It has a striped wall with a natural, rustic feel to it. The glass door with wooden frames are ideal for this home. The white color scheme, combined with fine wood accents and additional potted plants, present a fresh and beautiful tiny house atmosphere.

The right side view

The design of this tiny minimalist house takes into account sustainability. It includes energy-saving features such as solar panels. The house's side are also well designed for better functionality. The house's right elevation is used for an outdoor laundry area and a place to relax outside. This side terrace is protected from overheating and rain by a roof.

The rear view

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The back shows the two bedroom sides, which is next to each other. The bedroom have a sliding glass door as shown. Looking out the glass door will provide a relaxing experience. The owner can also sit back and relax in the back area, thanks to the outdoor concrete benches there. Although simple, spending time with family here will be worth it.

The floor plan reference

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Let's discuss this minimalist house plan. It has a size dimensions of 7 x 9 meters, with a total floor area of 51 sq m or 550 sq ft. The house consists of:

  • a carport with a size of 2.92 m x 3.5 m,
  • the front porch,
  • the living area and dining space of 3.65 m x 6.07 m,
  • kitchen area with a size of 3.575 m x 3.160 m,
  • bedroom 1 with a size of 3.575 m x 2.925 m,
  • bedroom 2 with a size of 3.575 m x 2.915 m,
  • the side porch with a size of 1.3 m x 2.925 m.

Interior design reference

Going inside the house, the interior design has a minimalist style. Taking a neutral and natural color scheme to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after working outside. It's good to choose sleek but modern furniture to create a contemporary home that provides you with spacious, movable  living space.

Lovely kitchen design ideas

The open space design has one main room that connects the living area, dining space and kitchen without a partition. This open-plan design is supported by numerous windows and glass doors, which allows for plenty of natural light.

The kitchen has a simple design with an L-shaped layout and no upper cabinets to give it a neat look and a sense of space.

The bedroom arrangement

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This is a concept for one of the tiny house's bedrooms. In this gray bedroom, a low bed is used to create a sense of space. The bedroom also has a glass door and windows with wooden frames, as shown. This access to lighting and views will provide a refreshing resting as you can see the outside scenery.

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