5 Biofiltration Plants to Keep Ponds and Aquariums Clean

5 Biofiltration Plants to Keep Ponds and Aquariums Clean 

Homiful.com -- Plants in an aquarium not only serve as decorations, but some of them can also be used as water purification filters. Some houseplants work by absorbing nutrients from the water and preventing algae growth while providing hiding spaces for fry and fish. While not all aquatic houseplants have this function, there are at least "5 Biofiltration Plants to Keep Ponds and Aquariums Clean" that work as water purifiers.

Amazon Frogbit


Growing on the surface of water, amazon frogbit also survives by floating. This plant is characterized by leaves shaped like rose petals with roots hanging down.  These roots are usually used for shelter by fish, invertebrates and fry.

The lush, fiber-like roots are in charge of filtering water because dirt will get stuck on the roots of the plant. However, the roots of amazon frogbit can thrive quickly so you must be diligent in trimming the roots every one to one week. Also, adjust the type of fish with this plant.



The role of hornwort in purifying water is already popular among ornamental fish lovers. In the wild, hornworts are adaptable to various habitats. This is evidenced by its existence that can be found on all continents in the world, except Antarctica. 

You can keep this ornamental plant floating or sinking it to the bottom of the aquarium. Horn moss lives by absorbing ammonia, nitrate, CO2, and phosphate and oxidizing the aquarium water so that the water remains clear. In addition, its dense leaves are also used as a place to store fish eggs.



Waterweeds have a number of other popular names, including Anacharis, Elodea, and American or Canadian waterweed. You can plant these plants at the bottom of your aquarium or let them float on the surface of the water. Waterweeds purify water by absorbing nitrates, phosphates, and CO2 through their leaves, while their roots feed on debris and fish feces at the bottom of the aquarium. 

Guppy Grass (Najas Guadalupensis)


Guppy grass is a freshwater plant easily found in brackish waters in North and South America. It is named guppy because guppies love to hide among these plants. Other fish species that use it as a hiding place are tetras, rainbowfish and danios. 

Guppy grass has a strong immune system and can thrive without CO2 injection. It is recommended to always maintain the water temperature between 20-26 Celsius with a pH of 6.0-8.0. Guppy grass will eat any nutrients or organic compounds in the aquarium, including ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, thus keeping the water clear. 



Duckweed survives by eating nutrients in water such as nitrogen and phosphate so that the water quality in the aquarium is maintained.  This ornamental plant will thrive in an aquarium that has organic substances and inhibits the growth rate of algae so that the water remains clear. 

However, please note that duckweed is a type of water plant that floats so you need to pay attention to the amount. Do not let the duckweed cover the top of the aquarium as it will block light from entering the aquarium and is not good for certain types of fish. This plant is rich in protein and a number of fish species such as koi fish as well as goldfish can use this plant as their food.

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