3 Styles for Nordic Design House on an Area of 71.10 sqm

 Homiful.com - The Nordic house is popular nowadays. You can design your house with Nordic, even though you have small or large lands. Here we will share with you 3 Styles for a Nordic Design House on an Area of 71.10 sqm. Check it out!

Facade and floor plan of 3 styles:

Style 1

The first style for a Nordic house in 71.10 sqm is like the picture. The carport is placed in the front area. With the high gable roof, this house looks stunning and elegant.

Consist of 2 bedrooms, this style also has 2 bathrooms. And then with the living room and kitchen in one room but separated by bathrooms. Then, the carport is placed in front of the area with the garden at the side.

Style 2

And the second style, the carport is placed on the side of the house. It will make the facade in full view. With the transparent door into the living room, you can design the entrance walk-in well and add some lanterns or other lighting.

The picture shows the back of the house in second style. With the carport at the side of the house, the backyard has space perfect for a garden or other functions.

Similar to style 1, style 2 also has a similar floor plan for the interior. Only distinguished from the location of the carport next to the house area for this second style.

Style 3

And last, this Nordic house hasn't a carport for the third style. Just the full of facade view and garden or yard in front of the house.

And yes, the third style's floor plan is still similar to the previous styles. With 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.

The interior:

Living room

Next, for the interior, the living room design looks stunning. With the sofa, mini table, and TV hanging on the wall. It will save space in the living room. So, you can spend time in this area.


Designing in white or bright hues makes the bedroom look bigger and more clean. With a bed placed in the center area, you can put a sleeping lamp on the side of the bed. Especially the window in the bedroom, it will make the circulation and the lighting perfect.


And the kitchen uses a linear kitchen table to save space and make spacious the area. Build a window that will make the kitchen have good air and good lighting.

That are 3 Styles for Nordic Design House on an Area of 71.10 sqm present Homiful.com to you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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