The 7 Best Ornamental Foliage Plants Will Brighten Up Any Room at Home

The 7 Best Ornamental Foliage Plants Will Brighten Up Any Room at Home -- The color of the leaves of various ornamental plants can add a touch of freshness, a living space, and a striking appearance. Indoor plants have thick leaves that can add color, texture, pattern, and a unique shape to the environment. If you're interested in some of these plants, read the following 7 lovely reviews:

Dracaena Reflexa


This beautiful room-decorating shrub is also known as pleomele or dracaena reflexa. The plant has a loamy shape and cream and green colored dense green leaves. Growing tall can cause you to lose lower leaves, so be sure prune on a regular basis. 

Radermachera Sinica


These lovely Chinese doll leaves have a delicate fern-like texture and would look lovely in any room. These plants are frequently grown in large container to give them a full and lush appearance. It can grow up 6 feet tall and enjoys bright light.



Cordyline is the preferred plant for outdoors areas such as parks and gardens. The leaves really pop in red and can serve as a focal point in a corner of the room. This eye-catching color grows well in the sun. It is also simple to propagate this plant, and with patience, it can grow up to 6 feet tall.  

Watermelon Begonia


Watermelon begonias are trailing  plants that can make any room feel festive. This pink-tinged trailing plant has oval leaves with silver and dark green blotches. With moderate lighting, it is possible to dangle up to 2 feet.

Fatsia Japonica


Fatsia japonica has a dramatic tropical appearance with its large leaves. This plant is known as Japanese aralia, and it can withstand normal room temperatures. This plant grows well in low light and can reach a height of 6 feet. Keep spider mites at bay by keeping the leaves shiny.

Calathea Makoyana


One of the bold and dramatic leaf plants resemble a peacock, with patterned leaves resembling a bird's tail. The silvery green color on the surface of the leaves is lovely to look at. This calathea thrive in bright light and prefers moist soil.

Blushing Bromeliad


Plants with flushed leaves have a star appeal and can be a beautiful plant for any room. It not handled carefully, the white green leaves with toothed edges can injuter the hands. Up to 1 foot tall and can be stored in water in a vase.

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