6 Indoor Colorful Flowering Plants That Easy For Beginners

6 Indoor Colorful Flowering Plants That Easy For Beginners

Homiful.com --  It's time to brighten up your space! Having a green space in your home. You'll also adore your robust snake plant, handsome Monstera, and other indoor green plant kids. But there are moments when you crave color! 

This is when indoor flowering plants come in handy. There are numerous of options for bringing year-round blooming to your home, from the strong cactus to the beautiful multicolored flower. So we're here to tell you about "6 Indoor Colorful Flowering Plants That Are Easy For Beginners".

Shamrock Plant


Shamrock plants produce a lot of lovely, tiny star-shaped flowers. The foliage of the plant might be green or burgundy. Keep it somewhat moist and in bright indirect light. Most shamrock species, which grow from bulbs, go dormant a few times a year. Stop watering the plant and place it in a cold, dark spot. When you notice fresh growth, take your shamrock back into direct sunlight and continue watering.

Crown of Thorns


This attractive Crown of Thorns plant has thorny branches. It is, however, low-maintenance and has lovely red or pink flowers or bracts. Use a grow light or plenty of bright light. Because it is a succulent, it must be allowed to dry between waterings.



This lovely plant's heart-shaped leaves and butterfly-like flowers give a splash of color to winter days. Cyclamen prefer bright, indirect light and must be slightly damp. They, like shamrocks, go dormant. Spot them in a cold spot for two months, then bring them back into the light and begin watering again. Hopefully, it will blossom again. If that seems like too much labor, simply enjoy it while it is in bloom and compost it after it fades.

Pink Anthurium


The heart-shaped leaves and pretty red, pink, or white blooms of this plant make it a must-have. The flowers, which are actually modified leaves, show off for a couple of months. This sturdy pink anthurium plant is almost always in bloom.

Flowering Maple


This Flowering Maple plant, also known as abutilon, features papery red, yellow, pink, or peach blooms. The plants normally live for a few years before becoming lanky and unappealing. They like intense indirect light, preferably from a window facing south or west. When the top inch of soil seems dry, water it.

Holiday Cactus


These old-fashioned favorites have been around for decades (and they can live that long!). Holiday Cactus boasts exotic-looking flowers that range in color from pure white to corals, pinks, and reds. Various varieties bloom at various periods throughout the year, including Thanksgiving and Easter. They prefer strong indirect lighting. Water only when the soil is dry, and do not allow water to accumulate in the saucer.

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