How to Grow Dischidia Geri in a Pot

How to Grow Dischidia Geri in a Pot -- The plant dischidia geri can add a beautiful touch to your home plant collection. This lovely apple-shaped green leaf grows as a pretty and cute indoor hanging plant. This plant is a lovely epiphyte that thrives in its surroundings. 

Information of dischidia geri


This plant is a tropical plant that stays green all year. It is a creeping plant native to Southeast Asia's tropical rainforests. It is related to the hoya plant and belongs to the apocynaceae family. Plant with an oblong shape and small white flowers. It is simple to maintain and grows well indoors or in the shade.

Dischidia Geri spread


- In order to learn how to stem cuttings, this plant must be a healthy mother plant. Cut just below the book with a steril knife. remove the leaves from the cut's bottom and dip them in the root hormone. Place it in a well-drained soil pot. You can separate the roots into larger pots once they have grown.

- Select a healthy stem from the mother plant for air layering. Cut a small hole in them stem and insert a piece of moist sphagnum moss. Wrap it in moss or cellophane and tape it down. Place in a warm, shady location and keep the water in the shade,

Planting requirements for dischidia geri


- Dischidia geri prefers both direct and indirect light. Too much sun can burn the leaves, and not enough light causes the plant to become long-fingered and lose its shape. Place it near a window that gets some light or in a shady area outside. 

- The best potting soil is one that drains well and is light and airy. Use an equal mixture of perlite and coarse sand. Furthemore, moss and peat soil,s as well as coconut coir, are good because
 they can hold their water capacity. 


- Water regularly during the growing season to keep the soil moist. Allow the soil to dry before watering, and keep watering to a minimum during the winter months.

- relative humidity, dischidia geri prefers a moist environment. Store in a humid environment with a humidity level of 60 - 80%, By blurring the leaves, you can increase humidity. To keep the plants moist, place them in a moist tray near the air. 

Diagnosis and treatment of dischidia geri


During the growing season, give balanced fertilizer 20 - 20 - 20 is applied with force once every two weeks. Maintain the healthy of the dischidia geri growth by paying attention to proper watering and lighting. Keep disease like aphids, mealybugs, and bugs at bay.

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