Add charm to your home with amazing flower stand --  As enthusiasts of flowers and ornamental plants, we must have a stand to display them. A stand with well-displayed flowers will become part of the interior setting that beautifies our home. There many flower stand ideas to choose from, see low-budget to DIY flower stand ideas below!

Front porch flower stand

@Julia Berolzheimer

Add charm to your front porch by adding a flower stand to it. It doesn't have to be brand new; even a stacked flower stand with faded paint doesn't detract from the beauty of the flowers that bloom over time. More stacking allows for more flowers to be displayed on the front porch.

DIY radiator cover shelf as a flower stand

@L Berr

A radiator reduce the aesthetic of our room setting. Get around it by installing radiator cover shelf like this one. It covers the radiator elegantly. Moreover, the top is equipped with a wooden platform to display orchid plants that still grow well in spots like this.

Stand with more spaces for flowers


African violets will add beauty to any setting. This plant prefers indirect, bright light. So, you can place it in a window like this. Make your African violet collection neatly and beautifully organized on a shelf with a unique shape to showcase these flowers.

Tiered flower stand


This kind of tiered flower stand will display your flowers so exquisitely. The warm grain finishes give a rustic style to your home. It has a low-tier with an opening design to make each plant get enough sunlight to grow. This flower stand is also a perfect addition to a small corner.

Beautiful flower stand decor ideas

@Fashion Girly Hacks

Running out of space to organize your potted flowers? You can use vertical space. Place a tiered flower stand like this. This more racks there are, the more flowers you can put there. With lots of flowers, but your space will still be neat and beautiful.

Flower stand of natural wood

@Amazon Fashion

The place near the window is favored by your indoor plants. This plant shelf allows you to organize potted plants neatly and nicely. This flower stand is made of 100% natural wood and is safe to use indoors. You can place it in your living room, balcony, or any place you like.

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