Amazing 7 Colors of Anthurium -- Anthurium are well-known for their board, glossy green foliage and flower-like spathes with unique spadix in red, pink, or even yellow. Anthurium are being cultivated more and more to produce more beautiful variations; you may see anthurium in green, white, or even intense yellow. These plants will look greet as a living decor with a fresh tropical feel and look.

These are the Amazing 7 Colors of Anthurium.

1. Classic Red Anthurium


This is a classic Anthurium that you may encounter frequently. The green foliage and red spathe are beautifully glossy. Native to the tropices, this classic Anthurium will be happy in a warm and humid space. This plant thrive in normal room temperatures and is the perfect houseplant for your living room.

2. Red and White Anthurium


This one could be a cultivation of the Anthurium plant. This Anthurium produces reddish spathe with a white veins effect. The combination of red and white gives this greenery the perfect contrast. The red spathe is not so glossy, but with a white tint that gives off a very unique and beautiful pattern.

3. Pink Anthurium


Flamingo birds are pink, which may explain why anthurium is also known as flamingo lily. This anthurium has a lovely pink spathe. The pink color is part of the anthurium's major spathe color. So, this pink anthurium with a pink spathe is not rare to find and grow at home.

4. White Anthurium


Anthurium white-spathed is a very rare type of Anthurium. To have one, a fairly complicated cultivation process is required. This one is called the Anthurium variety Carnaval. It has white spathes with pink edged. It is a precious plant that will be the center of attention in every moment and space.

5. Green and White Anthurium


Changing anthurium spathes to green could be a sign of a problem, such as a lack of light for the plant. However, this is not the case for all varieties. Anthurium Centennial produces a white initial spathe that turns bright green over time. This one is of the most amazing bi-colored anthurium.

6. Black Anthurium


Anthurium black has a spathe which is deep dark chocolate in color that gives a mysterious and exotic statement. Black is mot the major color of the common anthurium, this is a rare black-flowered Anthuriu hybrid from Holland. This plant is named Anthurium 'Black Love' with dark brown flowers that las for several months.

7. Yellow Anthurium


This Anthurium has a light yellow spathe that looks contrasting with its green leaves. This is an unusual variety of Anthurium, you might find it a bit difficult to collect. The yellow anthurium does not turn yellow from too much light, but because of its specially cultivated.

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