7 Indoor Plants You Barely Have to Water ( Before a Month)

7 Indoor Plants You Barely Have to Water ( Before a Month)

Homiful.com -- Everyone desires a lovely houseplant that is simple to care for. It will not even look boring if not watered frequently. For beginners or gardeners who do not require a lot of upkeep, such plants are ideal. Although water is the most important factor, different plants have different water requirements. There are even some that do not require watering for nearly a month. indoor plants that do no require water before a month are listed below:

Spider plant


A spider plant is a plant that grows pretty with leaves dangling down and has green and white striped leaves. Regular watering and attention are already beneficial to the growth of houseplants. When the weather is hot, you can water it enough fo 7 0 10 days and reduce during the water.



Succulent are desert plants that thrive in dry conditions. As a result, it will be simple to grow even without frequent watering, you can put something in the best room, such as a window sill with partial sunlight. When watering indoors, it is sufficient to do so only once a month.

Rubber Tree


Plants that grow and tolerate and bright or filtered sunlight are classified as ficus elastica. Low watering can be done for up to 15 days. Excessive watering is highly undesirable because it can damage the bow plant's roots. To get shiny leaves, gently wipe them down with a damp cloth.

ZZ Plant


This well-known plant is very hardy and forgiving when it comes to watering and can be used for room decoration. Watering the ZZ plant too frequently can cause the rhizome to rot. Only do the rhyming when the soil is dry, With adequate indirect lighting, this plant can survive for nearly a month without being watered.

Snake plant 


Following that is a snake plant that can withstand drought and even go up to 20 days without being watered. In the winter, water it once a month. The advantages are numerous, particularly in terms of absorbing harmful pollutants in the room and throughout cleaning the air.



Schefflera grows better in watergold soil than in saturated soil. As indoor plant, most of these plants thrive. Watering it once every 10 - 15 days will keep it lush and happy.

Zebra haworthia


This succulent plant with thick leaves and zebra-like striped white-green motifs can survive for a long time without being watered frequently. It grows well in dry soil and should only be watered when the soil appears to be dry.

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