Add Charm to Your Table with Fresh Flowers in Water -- Tables that look empty as if asking us to be filled, we can choose to fill it beautifully. It's as easy as putting fresh flowers in water on the table. Not just pieces of spring flowers in vases, but flowering plants that thrive in water and show off their showy blooms. Let's look at some way to dress up your table with fresh flowers in water

Water Lily on the Table


Drop your choice on the water lily. It is a kind of flowering aquatic plant that you can grow from seeds. A water lily will hive you a bright blue bloom as beautiful as this one. Place it on a table near the sunny window to allow it to bloom. The water lily requires 8 hours of direct sunlight to grow well and flower.

Fresh Hyacinth in Water


Hyacinth is a spring flower that you can force to grow indoors. This plant produces flowers in vibrant colors with a refreshing fragrance. You can easily grow it on a glass bulb, make sure the bulb doesn't get submerged, and only the tip to grows white roots. These roots will also make a beautiful display on the table.

Amaryllis bulbs in glass water

@White Flower Farm

Amaryllis will make your table beautiful with its elegant flowers. This plant grows well even in stone and water. Place it in the sunniest place in your home. The more sunlight it receives, the bigger and more beautiful the amaryllis bloom you will get.

Violet flowers

@Tohir hasyim

Enjoy the beauty of violets that can grow in water. Some types of violets are even edible because of their sweet and floral taste. You can place it in shady conditions, and the violet will still grow well and flowers. This plant will bloom throughout the summer and bloom again in the fall.

Lovely tulips in water

@Gabriela Perez

Tulips will make a lovely table decoration. This plant can thrive in a water-filled vase. You only need to fill the vase with water up to inch from the bulb's bottom. Place the vase and tulip bulbs in a dark place for 4 to 6 weeks to encourage root, stem, and flower growth. During that time, you still had to change the water frequently.

Elegant Paperwhite in the table

@Camille Styles

Get a fresh green and elegant white look of the paperwhites on your home table. You can grow paperwhite bulbs in water rather than soil. Fill a shallow glass blow with water and stone, and place the bulbs inside. The bulbs will grow roots and over time they will produce adorable little white flowers.

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