7 Decoration Ideas of Plants on the Windowsill to Bring Big Style in Small Spaces

 Homiful.com - Windowsill is the perfect area for a mini garden. Especially if you are living in an urban and don't have land or space for a garden. So, what plants or flowers are suitable for decorating the windowsill? Let's see to these 7 Decoration Ideas of Plants on the Windowsill to Bring Big Style to Small Spaces. Check it out!

Snake plants


As we know, the snake plant is a popular houseplant that can thrive in any condition. You can place them in full sun or dark areas, and they will grow well. So, you can decorate these plants on the windowsill and make the air healthy.

Anthurium crystallinum


Actually, you can't place Anthurium crystallinum on the windowsill. Because direct light can burn the leaves. So, you can put them on a windowsill that is not exposed to direct light for survival. The windowsill area will look stunning and elegant with its attractive and fresh appearance.

Callisia rosato


Put this houseplant on the windowsill with an east-facing window for the best spot. Because some levels of Callisia can tolerate direct sunlight. That information you must know, over time you place this houseplant in direct sunlight, it can make Callisia lose their pink variegation. But, too little sunlight does limit plant growth and leads to low variegation.



Produce beautiful flowers to make this houseplant perfect for decorating your home and garden. Amaryllis also can place on the windowsill to make a pretty and stunning small house or apartment. They tolerate direct sunlight, but place them on a southwestern or southeastern windowsill for the best.



Part of succulents, Haworthia can adapt to the windowsill, artificial lighting, and greenhouse culture. They are also low-maintenance houseplant and has a unique appearance that can enhance the indoors.

Tradescantia purple heart


Include houseplants that are tolerant in full sun, you can place Tradescantia on the windowsill to reach direct light. They have beautiful striking purple evergreen leaves, providing of color throughout the year.

Dry plants


Besides real and fresh plants, you can use dry plants to decorate your home. Just make arrange the dry plants for pretty and stunning windowsill looks. You can make combine various plants into one for this dry plants' decoration.

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