TOP 7 Low Light Hanging Plants For Indoor - Growing houseplants in a shaded spot like indoors is a good move. To avoid hassles in plant care, it's worth using plants that are easy and low maintenance. Look at these TOP 7 Low Light Hanging Plants For Indoor for more reviews.

Scindapsus pictus


Common call with Satin Pothos, this houseplant is perfect to enhance your indoor by hanging. Grow them in a good pot or container, then, hang this houseplant near the windowsill or above the cabinet for stunning. They have heart-shaped leaves with silvery gray splotches and are also easy to grow and maintain.

Spider plant


Perfect to decorate the home indoors or office, Spider plants also can thrive in low light conditions. And many ways to put this houseplant to enhance indoors. Such as put on the tabletop, or cabinet, hanging it on the ceiling, or hanging it in Kokedama style.



Heart-shaped leaves and various colors, make Peperomia perfect as a garden collection. And the good news, Peperomia can tolerate low light conditions. So, it is perfect to grow them indoors.



The botanical name Syngonium podophyllum, this houseplant can grow beautifully in a hanging basket. Another way, this houseplant also can grow in low-light conditions.

String of bananas


Part of succulents, String of Bananas is an amazing houseplant that can improve your home decoration. They have banana-shaped leaves, and that's why it's called String of Bananas. Even though slow growing, they prefer low light spots for best growth.

English ivy


English ivy or Hedera helix is a houseplant that is perfect to grow indoors in low light conditions. They have graceful green-lobed plants with whitish edges that spill beautifully from hanging baskets.



It has the botanical name Epipremnum aureum, Pothos is a popular houseplant that can grow indoors. And they can also grow hanging to save space in small houses. Pothos is low maintenance houseplant with the benefit of purifying the indoor air.

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