7 Houseplants You Can Grow in Water. No Soil is Required!

Homiful.com -- Growing plants in water is a fun experience. You don't have to get your hands dirty with soil to grow beautiful house plants. Moreover, plants in a glass jar or vessel that feature dense roots and healthy foliage will be a beautiful decoration in your home. If you want to have plants that grow well in water, start with these 7 houseplants you can grow in water. No soil is required!

1. Tradescantia Nanouk


Tradescantia Nanouk is stunning with its eye-catching purple foliage. You can propagate this plant without soil, but with water media. Simply cut the nanouk stem and remove a few leaves from the bottom. Place the stem end in a jar or bottle filled with clean water, making sure the top foliage is not submerged. The roots will begin to grow in a few weeks.

2. Spider Plants

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A low-maintenance plant that is great for purifying indoor air. They are also simple to grow in any condition, including without soil. You can cut the baby spider plants and place them in a hydroponic solution for long-term growth in water.

Regularly changing the solution will make the spider plants grow well without soil, even grow thick root and adorable spiderettes (baby spider plants).

3. Pilea


Pilea has a green foliage in a round coin shape. A house plant that is simple to maintain and care. Having a pilea station will be a center of attention in your home. You can multiply them using water propagation method. Cut off the pilea stem and soak the stem in water. Add a few drops of liquid fertilizer to trigger root growth, and you can grow pilea in potting soil.

4. N'joy pothos


N'joy pothos will make you enjoy the beauty of different kind of pothos plant. The trailing green foliage with white silvery spots is a stunning contrast. This plant also grows well in water. You can cut 4-6 inches of stem and remove the lower leaves. Place the stem in water, change the water on a regular basis to see the roots start to grow.

5. Succulents


Interested in your friend succulents? Try asking for one of their succulent baby rosettes and growing your own at home. Place the rosette or succulent piece in a glass of water. You can use a stand like this to keep the the fleshy thick are not submerged. Place it in a bright place with indirect light to help the succulent grow.

6. Adanson's monstera


Monstera adanson is a type of monstera that grow well in water. A stalk cut with a single leaf can grow into a new plant rooted in water, which you can then plant in soil. With proper care and adding nutrients to a jar of water regularly will also make the monstera grow bushy roots and dense green foliage like this one.

7. Calathea plants


Propagate your calathea easily. You can separate the mother plant and its offshoots. Carefully separate them with their roots, and place the roots on a clean, fresh water. Make sure the root are free from stain and soil. Grow it for some time in water with optimal care and for a few days you can plant it in potting mix.

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