Quick Tips for Growing Cucumbers in Container

Homiful.com -- Container plants are not limited to ornamental plants. You can also grow vegetable and fruit plant in containers. An easy one is growing cucumbers. Some cucumber varieties will produce fresh cucumbers two months after sowing. What a moment! Cucumber is a versatile fruit to complement your dish, and it tastes even better when you home-grown it.

Here are some quick tips for growing cucumbers in container for you.

The type of cucumber to grow in containers


Cucumber come in bush and vine varieties. The bush cucumber is suitable for growing in container. It can grow up to three feet long, making them easier to grow in small space. There are several types of bush cucumbers, such as Pick a Bushel, Salad Bush, Spacemaster and Bush Slicer. 

Whereas vining cucumbers allow you to get more fruits, albeit with extra work to train them on the trellis. You can grow vining cucumber types such as; Diva, Lemon, and Suyo Long.

Prepare the potting soil

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Cucumbers need a lot of nutrients to grow. Choose a high quality potting soil that is rich on organic matters and well-drained. You can also use a mix of compost and slow-release fertilizers. Make sure the soil is not at freezing temperature before planting.

Pick the best pot/container


Make sure to choose a suitable pot or container for the cucumber. You can use plastic, ceramic, clay, or cloth pots. It all depends on where you grow it. Cloth pots may not be good for indoor use. Make sure the pot or container is at least 16 inches deep and one foot wide, that it can hold soil well and has good drainage. The wider and heaver container, the better for vining cucumber.

Planting the cucumber seed in containers


There is an easy way to buy seeds and direct sow them into pots. But some people begin by soaking the cucumber seeds in warm water overnight. This soften the seeds. Then, the seed tray is filled with a starter mixture and water to make it damp. Once your soil has been properly prepared and watered, you are ready to plant your seeds.

Watering and fertilizing

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Growing cucumbers in container, you must provide full sun or at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Grow the plant in a sunny location. Cucumber also need moist soil to thrive. You must water it consistently; the bigger it gets, the more water it needs. Add fertilizer once every 3-4 weeks in summer to accelerate fruit growth.

Harvest all summer

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Optimal care will allow cucumber to be harvested two to three months after sowing. Thereafter, it will produce fruit continuously through the hotter months until fall.

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