7 Gorgeus Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors


7 Gorgeus Tropical Plants That Thrive Indoors 

Homiful.com -- Exotic-looking tropical houseplants deliver us around the world, where scents and colors mix with the beauty of shapes. However, you don't have to travel to the South Seas to appreciate the beauty of these plants because many of them can be grown indoors! Green and flowering indoor plants from tropical rainforests transform your home into an exotic jungle, whether standing on the floor, hanging from shelves and hanging baskets, or draped on windowsills. Let's check it out!

Stones Plant (Lithops Spp.)


Pick one of the living stone plants if you want an extremely tiny, unusual, and super lovely tropical plant. Living stones are small succulents with two fat, low, bean-shaped leaves that resemble stones. There are literally hundreds of different colors, shades, and combinations to choose from. 

They grow slowly and add a "surreal" touch to your interior spaces. They are ideal for terrariums and very small spaces at or near eye level, such as low shelves, tables, and so on. They look great against colored gravel; choose a contrasting color to bring out the best in these rock-like beauties.

Red Coral (Rhipsalis Ramulosa)


Red coral is ideal for an exotic houseplant with a distinct personality. It has long, dented purple red leaves that trail behind it. These have arching stems and look very decorative and rebellious, while retaining the exotic lushness of exotic plants. 

In fact, despite its shrub-like appearance, this plant is a succulent and a member of the cactus family! It is an excellent plant for medium-sized hanging baskets. Red coral is a very unique choice for a conservatory or other well-lit room where you want some vibrant foliage to hang above your head. Another option is to grow it on high shelves.

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopis Spp.)


Another popular tropical houseplant is the moth orchid. The most common orchid in the world, it is known for its long-lasting blooms that can last for months. The flowers are strikingly exotic, brightly colored, and the epitome of elegance. 

Furthermore, moth orchids require little care and can survive (and even bloom!) in relatively dark environments. As a result, they are appropriate for a wide range of indoor spaces. There are 70 species to choose from, as well as numerous cultivars and varieties.

Butterfly Plant or Swallowtail (Christia Obcordata)


Butterfly plant is a special, lesser-known, and unique tropical houseplant. It gets its name from its rare foliage. The leaves are split into two nearly triangular sections by a central rib. Curved red, brown, or purple stripes then run from the central rib to the edges, across the bright green or blue leaves. This gives them the appearance of butterfly wings. 

These butterfly wings will appear as thin upward stems and will appear to be flying through the air! It's a delicate-looking plant that looks great in small clumps or mixed in with other tropical houseplants. Perhaps the best use for it would be in a lovely terrarium that recreates an imaginative landscape on your coffee table.

Horsehead Philodendron (Philodendron Bipennifolium)


Horsehead philodendron is a stunning tropical houseplant with large, emerald green segmented leaves that is easy to grow. These have a shiny, waxy texture and grow horizontally on almost vertical individual stems. It is ideal for a large space and very sculptural. If you want to make the most of this exotic plant, place it prominently in your living room or a large office. 

Philodendron is a traditional houseplant. It is a large genus with 489 species, all of which have large, shiny, and decorative leaves. This makes them ideal for use indoors. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they prefer warm, humid environments. They are, however, more than just "beautiful" indoors: they are also excellent air purifiers.

Baby Rubberplant (Peperomia Obtusifolia)


Baby rubber plant, also known as pepper face, is a unique, lively, but also elegant tropical houseplant that can be grown indoors. It has very round leaves that are the most vibrant emerald green you can find. They have the appearance and feel of rubber, which is why they have this name. It grows well both indoors and outdoors in warm climates. 

It can look great on a work desk, where it can add a decorative touch while also lightening the mood with its playful appearance. It is also excellent for children, who appear to adore this plant. Keep the foliage clean by wiping it down with a wet cloth on a regular basis for the best effect.

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum)


Golden pothos is yet another low-maintenance tropical foliage houseplant that can be grown indoors. It is also excellent for air purification. It's a vine with lovely heart-shaped leaves in green and, of course, gold. It is so undemanding that most people overlook it. 

In fact, it can withstand moderate draughts, and many people simply grow it in a jug of water. It is a trailing plant that is ideal for hanging baskets or draping a shelf or cupboard. With simple cuttings, you can propagate quickly and successfully.

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