Grow and Care Medinilla Magnifica - In Southeast Asia, this plant grows on a tree branch, dangling its vivid 18-inch flower panicles down like clusters of otherworldly grapes. And Medinilla Magnifica is a part of the tropical broadleaf evergreen plant that can enhance indoors or outdoors. Get more information in Grow and Care Medinilla Magnifica. Check it out!

Growing Medinilla


Medinilla can be an epiphytic plant in the rainforest area. But, in this environment, Medinilla uses its host to support and is not parasitic. They don't draw nutrients from or harm their host plant. 

If growing in pot media, use a planter that is like orchids. Which resembles something like chunky bark. These media allow air circulation around the roots, which prevents root diseases.

Care the Medinilla


Putting Medinilla in direct sun will bring the leaves to get scorch and drop. They prefer to grow in dappled shade areas for the best. For soil, Medinilla can grow well in potting mix with some peat moss mixed in. And they also appreciate in slightly acidic soil conditions. 

Make sure to keep Medinilla in average moisture in the soil. Watering consistently moist but not soggy. When winter is coming, just reduce watering. Place this plant in an area with temperatures of 70 and 75 degrees F. 

Potting and repotting


Pot or container will decrease in quality over time. So, if you see the pot of Medinilla staying moist for more than a day after watering, it's time to repot.



Actually, there is no stipulation on when to do the pruning. But, if you wanna keep the size of Medinilla looks, you can prune the branches immediately after the plant flowers.



There are 2 ways you wanna propagate Medinilla, cutting and seeds. For cutting ways, get cut the root in a mix of damp sphagnum moss. Take a cutting with at least 2 leaves, but remove two-thirds of each to reduce their burden on the stem. And for seeds, plant the seeds on the surface of a sterile potting medium, and cover them with a layer of milled sphagnum moss to prevent damping off disease.

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