General Watering Guide for Your Houseplant -- Watering is essential for houseplants. Without watering, the plant will end up dying. Although watering plants is a simple thing to do, there are some guidelines that you need to know before you give water to your plants. Keep in mind that some plants require different water needs from one another.

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Know your plant type : Tropical plants


It's important to know what your house plants are. Whether it's tropical, desert, or annual/perennial plant. It will require different treatment, including watering requirement.

Tropical plants tend to like moisture, and some even like daily or weekly watering. You can also try showering the tropical plants several times to remind them of their natural habitat in the jungle, where rain is common. Just make sure the pot is not overwatered.

Know your plant type: Desert plants


The water requirements of desert plants are different from those of leafy tropical plants. Desert plants tend to survive better without frequent watering. Watering succulents and cacti once every 3-6 weeks is enough. Air plants and some succulents require periodic soaking or misting.

Another basic thing: choose a planter with drainage holes


Don't choose a planter just for its aesthetics. Consider the material quality and design. Check that your planter has ideal drainage holes for plants. It it has a trivet under the pot, make sure the water flows from the drainage hole first. Don't let the plant sit in water too long; it may cause root rot.

Do some test to check water needs


There are a few test to check water needs if you re unsure whether your plants are thirsty or not. You can do:

1. Weight test

Plants with sufficient water will feel quite heavy; if they need water, they will be light and easier to lift.

2. Finger test

Some plant like snake plants, peace lilies, and others, like to be watered when the top few inches of soil have started to dry out. You can touch your finger to the soil, if it's dry enough that's a good time to water.

Bottom watering


There are several methods of watering. You can water directly into the soil, water from above to the leaves, or use the bottom watering. Bottom watering is done by placing the plant in water and let the the plant drink it up from the bottom until the soil starts to become saturated. It can last for 15 to 20 minutes. That works for snake plants, African violet, and orchid.

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