7 Calming Houseplant that Bring the Soothing Sage Green Into the Home

7 Calming Houseplant that Bring the Soothing Sage Green Into the Home

Homiful.com -- With this plant, you can add a new look to your home. Today's interior design are centered on self-expression and health, which can help to calm the soul. By placing green sage ornamental plants in each room, you can provide natural freshness. Plants can indeed provide a more relaxing environment; with adequate lighting, plants will thrive indoors.




The tillandsia, or air plant, is a distinctive, textured, and visually appealing plant. Plants that can be placed on a table, in a terrarium, or hung on a windowsill do not requires a planting medium. With bright light and infrequent watering, it grows to a height of 6 - 8 inches. 

Sage plant


Sage plants are ideal for the kitchen. Its lovely color will permeate and thrive in a room with indirect bright light. This plant requires regular pruning and watering when the soil is dry.

Bromeliad "Aechmea Pink"


Bromeliad are stylish plants with dominant green and silvery leaves. A plant that has the foliage of a snake plant and produces a striking pink color. However, with a height of only 3 feet, this plant is short-lived. Watering is only done when the soil is dry.



Echeveria is  a popular succulent that grows quickly and has a lovely rosette of leaves. This plant is stunning with its green leaves sage, which grows low and requires bright light. When the soil is dry, water only a few inches.



The graceful tropical plant from Southeast Asia is still related to pothos. The silver pothos, also known as scindapsus, has a heart-shaped sage leaf. This plant produces interesting vines that can be used as hanging plants in the interior of the room. With easy stature and growth, extends up to 6 feet.

English Ivy


Silver bells are a classic ornamental plant with a large number of varieties. One a table or hanging basket, this creeping and lovely plant can be placed on a windowsill facing east or northwest. When the soil is dry. It like any other plant, requires watering.

Rex begonia


Begonia will look great on a boring table or in a boring room. There are many varieties of this plant, one of which has silvery green sage leaves. The plant has a short lifespan and is one of gardener's favorite plants. It is low-maintenance, prefers bright light, and is ideal for windows facing south or west. 

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