6 Popular Houseplant that Symbolize Good Fortune, Peace and Safety

6 Popular Houseplant that Symbolize Good Fortune, Peace and Safety

Homiful.com -- Plants can be given as a welcome gift, a celebration of a new home, or for other events in addition to filling the room and serving as decorations. Plants come in a variety of shapes, size, patterns, color, and flowers. Each plant has care and is also thought to represent something. If you want to know what each plant means, look at the following.

Oxalis - Luck


Phony Shamrocks or oxalis this one has a lovely color combination of dark purple. The plant is known as the bottom plant of good fortune. Pink or white flowers can grow up to 12 inches tall on these heart-shaped or triangular leaves. And thrives indirect bright light.

Aloe Vera - Healing and Defense


Aloe vera is the following plant. It's no surprise that this plant is associated with healing and protection. Plants are thought to be a combination of cosmetics, wound treatment, and other benefits. Aloe vera grows well in both high and low light environments. Because it does not like wet soil, it must be watered on a regular basis.

Pilea Peperomioides - Prosperity


The plant, also known as the Chinese money factory, is thought to represent hope and stability in terms of wealth and finances. The plant takes the from of a round, thin, large-leaves stem with a glossy green color. Easy plants have a young care, and propagation is also very simple for beginners. Place in a room with indirect lighting and water only when the soil is dry.

Maranta - Gratitude


Maranta is also commonly called the prayer plant. Because the leaves will roll like a praying hand every night. As a result, this plant is frequently associated with gratitude on a daily basis. Maranta also represents gratitude. As a result, it can be used as a holiday gift. It is also quite simple to grow with the proper care, particularly with moderate watering.

Peace of lily - Peace


Because they represent sympathy, the beautiful white flowers of this peace lily plant are commonly used as funeral gifts. It is also related to peace. These peace lilies require attention and thrive in bright light. You don't have to give up on this plant because it's easy to care for.

Birds of Paradise - Freedom


This plant native to South Africa is a bird of paradise. Like an exotic bird, the plant has showy flowers. Freedom is represented by this symbol. It requires light to grow and is ideal for home landscaping with ideal watering and lighting conditions.

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