Where Can You Place Hanging Plants?

Homiful.com -- Hanging plants are indeed very popular because apart from being a beautiful decoration, they can also make the room still space saving. Not all plants will be attractive as hanging plants. Some plants that grow by sticking out will be perfect for this. However, have you thought about where you will place the hanging plants? The following ideas might inspire you. Check Where Can You Place Hanging Plants?

Hanging plants on the porch

Front porch seems to be the face of a house and will create the first impression of the house. To give an amazing impression, you can decorate the front porch with hanging plants that look fresh and lush. Place hanging plants on the ceiling porch and make the height adjustable so they don't interfere with access to enter the house.

Hanging plants as a curtain

If you like a shady room, placing plants on the windowsill is not only to your advantage, but also preferred by plants because of the bright area with indirect light. Choose trailing plants that grow with minimal maintenance to make it easier for you.

Urban jungle style bedroom

Using hanging plants, you can create the trendy urban jungle look in your bedroom. Hang plants from branches to create a more natural-looking display of freely growing plants. If your hanging plants have grown too large and are becoming a nuisance, you can trim them.

Hanging plants as room divider

Some rooms are purposefully designed without a partition to appear larger and less stuffy. You can use a hanging plant stand to divide the areas you want to separate. Choose plants based on their appearance.

Hanging plants in living room

You can decorate the living room area that looks empty using hanging plants around it to make it look more alive. Use slow growing plants to keep it looking neat. Make sure you hang it firmly so you don't fall on the furniture underneath.

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