7 Heart-Warming Plants to Add Romance to Your Home

Homiful.com -- Love is in the air. As Valentina's Day or any other day of love approaches, romance and warmth are in the air. Valentine's gifts don't have to be chocolates or fake flowers; they can be heartwarming live plants. Some plants have lovely shapes and colors to give a lasting a sense of love. If you're looking for a Valentine's Day gift or just want an adorable plant, here are 7 heart-warming plants to add romance to your home and garden.

1. The Bleeding of Hearts


The bleeding heart plant (Lamprocapnus spectabilis) gets its unique name from its heart-shaped puffy flowers with white petals that drop like a bleeding heart. This plant is frequently grown in gardens with 3-9 USDA. The flowers will bloom in the spring, bringing you a spring full of love. It's bit difficult to grow indoors, as extreme temperatures prevent is from flowering.

2. Anthurium Andreanum


The beautiful Anthurium adreanum will make a great Valentine's Day gift option for your loved one. The deep green leaves give off a fresh tropical vibe, while the deep red spathe exude a burning passion. This plant is simple to care for. It will grow well in bright, indirect light with regular watering.

3. Sweetheart Hoya


As the name suggests, sweetheart hoya will add romance to your home effortlessly. This plant is a succulent with thick, waxy in heart-shaped leaves. From that single heart-shaped leaf, it can grow into a thick vine with green hearts. This succulent tolerates low light and drought. For the best results, grow it in bright-indirect light with monthly waterings.

4. Angel Vine Plant


The angel vine plant is a low-care indoor plant. It thrives in bright, indirect light and regular household humidity. Angel vine is unique in that as it can be trained or trailed to create beautiful topiary. Pruning will make this plant bushy and encourage more branching. You can shape the plant in a heart shaped, as clearly shown.

5. The String of Hearts


The string of hearts will add a lovely touch of romance to your vertical space, especially when grown as hanging plants. This succulent has heart-shaped leaves that cascades down beautifully. It can have a splash of purplish color in warm and bright shades. A showy plant with a sweet hue of love.

6. Conophytum Hearts


This is a rare tiny succulent with a heart shape that looks too cute to be true. This succulent grows thick leaves in the shape of plumpy heart. Its upright growth makes it an eye-catching love plant. Conophytum heart tolerates direct sun and produce cute orange flowers in the fall.

7. Red Caladium


Red is a sign of burning love, and this red caladium is no different. It has deep red leaves that make it a showy plant at home. This plant needs dappled light and high humidity to grow happily.

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