Marble Queen Pothos Care Guide: Devil's Ivy Plant Growing Information And Tips -- Marble Queen Pothos is loved for obvious reasons. This plant's leaves are incredible. The heart-shaped leaves are notable for their splattered green and white variegation, which resembles showy marble.

If you're interested in, or already have, read Marble Queen Pothos Care Guide: Devil's Ivy Plant Growing Information And Tips for the best growth!

Soil requirement


Good, correct soil for marble queen pothos will lead to dense leaves that grow easily on vines or trailing. This plant do well in well-draining and loamy. You can use standard indoor potting soil, which is easy to get at plant store. Make sure to choose a pot or container with good drainage holes.

Water requirement


This plant likes regular watering. Don't worry if you forget to water it occasionally, as the plant is quite adapted to the drought. You can also water is then the top two to three inches of soil becomes dry. Water the plant lightly from above. At least, water the marble queen plant once a week.

Ideal humidity


Marble queen pothos grows well in normal household humidity. This plant also like damp places like kitchens and bathrooms. You can add a pebble tray near the plant for extra humidity that they love. Marble queen pothos is sensitive to cold temperatures; keep the plant away from it.

Ideal place and light requirement


This plant does not demand difficult places. Place him in a spot with lots of medium-to-bright with indirect natural light. Marble queen pothos can still tolerate morning or evening direct light, but it is best to keep it away from direct sunlight, which will cause the leaves to yellow.



Fertilization will keep this plant healthy. You can apply fertilizer during the period of active growth for strong and bushy growth. Fertilize once a month in the spring or summer using a liquid fertilizer.  

Make pothos fuller


It's fun to make marble queen pothos look bushy and fuller. You can get it by pruning the plant regularly, just cutting below the leaf nodes, which will trigger more new growth. With regular care, marble queen pothos will look bushy.

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