8 Best Indoor Plant for Beginners

Homiful.com -- If you see plants on Instagram, it may inspire you to start being a plant mom or plant dad. But there is one thing you should keep in mind! Not all plants are simple to care for. Some of them should be called ''drama queen plants'' with extra care. If you are a beginner, it's a good idea to start with the 8 best indoor plants for beginners.

1. Sansevieria/Snake Plant


The first top pick is the snake plant, or Sansevieria. This is very forgiving plant, even with repeated neglect. The fact is, it doesn't require much attention. Simply place the plant in a bright spot and water when the soil dries. The snake plant will reward you with exotic, upright green leaves.

2. Golden pothos


Golden green pothos are another popular option. The heart-shaped leaves give off a tropical look to interior design. This plant is easy to grow with lush, green leaves. Golden pothos can even grow  in water. Fertilize it and give it more sunlight to make golden pothos grow fuller.

3. Peace lily


Peace lily is a flowering plant with all positive connotations. Peace lilies thrive in bright, indirect conditions such as near window. The peace lily is also an excellent choice for steamy bathroom, kitchen, and the bedroom. When the soil begins to dry out, water lightly and allow the water to drain through the drainage holes.

4. Anthurium Andreanum


People used to call it the flamingo lily, thanks to the fiery red spathe. This tropical plant has a charming, glossy appearance. In addition, the flamingo lily plant is active in absorbing toxins from the air. The plant can grow with irregular watering, and a normal room room temperature.

5. Cactus


Cacti are excellent plants for beginner gardeners. Because it is a desert plant, excessive watering may kill it. Cacti are highly adaptable to light condition, but thrive in bright light indoor. Grow it in a terracotta pot to provide a striking contrast to the cactus' green.

6. Coleus


Coleus is widely grown as a garden plant. Even so, there are several types of coleus that grow in shady place indoor. Coleus grow well in a potted environment. Give the plant bright, indirect light. Fertilize it during the active growth period in summer.

7. ZZ plant


Indoor plants that make the top list of plants for air purification. The ZZ plant has glossy, deep green leaves. You may notice that the leaves are a darker green; this is the Raven ZZ plant. Wide the leaves if they get dust. Water once every two to three weeks. Allow the soil to dry out before next watering.

8. Lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo is a lovely plant. This plant thrive in indoor condition, even be grown on a table away from the sunlight. Lucky bamboo thrives in clear, pebble-filled water, making it a low-maintenance decorative plant. If the water is cloudy, you only need to change it.

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