Identify Common String of Pearls Issues and Solutions

Identify Common String of Pearls Issues and Solutions -- String of pearls are a unique and amazing type of succulent. This plant appears green, plump like pearls, and is popular among succulent and ornamental plant enthusiast. Growing these succulents outside is usually simple, but it can also be difficult. You do not need to know what the problems is to solve the succulent problem. Identify and solve common string of pearls problems.

Watering issues 


Watering is a common treatment for wilted and nearly dead plants. Although these pearl strands store water in their leaves, they also requires adequate water to thrive. These succulents require more water in young plants than mature succulents. A little water can also cause it to become dry and shriveled. As a result, determine whether your plants requires adequate water or not. 

Insufficient lighting


Aside from water issues, too little or too much sun can cause plants to winter. When you see scars and dry leaves on th beads, it's because the plant has been burned by the sun. Remove yourself from direct sunlight as soon as possible. Succulent strands prefer sunny, lush locations but cannot tolerate direct sunlight, especially in the afternoon.

Drainage issues in the soil


If root rot occurs, you should first inspect the soil mixture. Use a regular, light-weight garden soil mixture. Succulents dislike wet soil, so porous, well-drained soil is required to prevent root rot. Use soil rich in organic and inorganic matter, as well as a 3 : 2 1 mixture of potting soil, fine powdered withered bark, and perlite.

Fertilizer issues


Plants, including pearl strands, do not require fertilizers or nutrients. Using too much fertilizer can kill the plant and damage its weak roots. If the color changes, look for signs. Brown leaves and roots are on fire. To provide additional nutrition, apply fertilizer once or twice a year.

Crushed eggshells, banana peels, fish emulsions, and coffee grounds are examples of artificial fertilizers.

Temperature issues


If the pearl drop is excessive, it is not normal. That is, you store in a windy area with extremely cold temperatures. Succulents can grow almost anywhere as long as the temperature is moderate. If you see the leaves falling, you can bring it inside.

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