8 Low Maintenance Indoor Plant Names with Pictures

Homiful.com -- Want to have plants at home but are worried that you can't commit to caring for them? You may need low-maintenance indoor plants. These plants don't need extra care; some are even forgiving if you forget about them for a few days. These plants will still grow well at home. Here are 8 low maintenance indoor plant names with pictures.

Anthurium andreanum (Painter's palette)


Anthurium andraeanum is a simple indoor plant to care for. It does well in indoor environments. Place it in an area with plenty of bright, indirect light and keep it away from direct light. You will rewarded with red spathe that contrasts with the green leaves. An ornamental plant that will beautify your room.

Pothos plant


A plant with heart-shaped leaves that has a stunning variety of leaf patterns and colors. This plant can be grown as a vine or in a hanging pot. Its leaves are easy to grow thick with good care. You also need to water it once every 1-2 weeks, when the soil feels dry in the pot.

ZZ plant


The ZZ plant has earned a reputation as one of the most effective purifying plants. This plant can purify the air of airborne toxins. As a bonus, ZZ plants are also easy to maintain. You can place it in a spot with low to medium light conditions. Water only when the top soil feels dry to the touch.



Want a plant with a unique shape? Opt for monstera plant. Some monstera types have leaves with unique shape, either leaves with natural holes or leaves as pictured above. Monstera is uncomplicated tropical plant to care for. You can put it in a bright, indirect light. Keep the soil slightly moist; water when the soil feels dry.

Yucca plant


If you're a busy worker, you might only have weekends to devote your plants. No nee to be complicated, choose yucca plant for you. This plant is drought-tolerant, even highly sensitive to over-watering. Water once a week during summer and spring. Yucca plant will add a fresh height statement at home.

Spider plant


Spider plants are also among the best indoor plants absorbing air toxins. It's pet-friendly plant and will reward you with flowers and spiderettes (baby spider plants) with good care. Watering once a week is sufficient during the summer.

Jade plant


The jade plant is a succulent that can grow quite toughly indoors. Drought-tolerant plants have thick leaves that can store water. Give them plenty of sunlight. Jade plants have small and shallow root, so you can plant them in smaller pots to avoid soggy soil.

Cast Iron Plant


A plant that has earned a reputation as a nearly 'unkillable' plant. Cast iron plants survive any indoor plant killers, such as irregular watering, low light conditions, pests, and even poor air circulation. It just the plant doesn't like overwatering.

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