Gorgeous Plants to Color Up Your Home

Homiful.com -- Plants will add a fresh, natural, and beautiful color to your home. Plants of any kind, including faux plants and inexpensive houseplants. Plant that you love on will effortlessly add style to your space. There's no need to buy additional decorations if these 6 gorgeous plants to color up your home will do the trick.



Cacti are attractive as low-maintenance plants. You don't need to water this plant too often. The leaf flesh thickens and develops small spines. Some cacti can be grown almost in rosette-shaped to create a focal point in indoor settings. This is a plant that commands attention in the home.

Golden pothos


Golden pothos is loved for its green leaves with golden yellow splash. The leaves add a splash of cherry color to the home. This plant grows well in indoor environments with medium to bright, indirect light. You can grow it in a pot or make it grow as a vine with its dangle leafy stems.

Red aglaonema


A plant in high demand among Aglaonema collectors. This plant's wide fiery red color with green edges are what make it so exotic. The leaves also have a glossy surface, which is so showy to display in the living room. No wonder if the red aglanonema has a fantastic price.

Cordyline fruticosa


Another red plants that will brighten up your home. Cordyline fruticosa has intense red foliage that draws the attention of anyone who sees it. This red cordline can only grow in direct sunlight; it cannot tolerate low light levels. Grow it in a brightly lit area.

Iresine Herbstii 'bloodleaf'

Loamy, soil-b

A plant that gives off the bloody red color in its leaves. The bloodleaf plant prefer moist soil that's well-drained. It can be grown in full sun or in partial shade indoors. The bloodleaf plant requires regular watering, but watering can be reduced during the winter.

Medinilla magnifica

The indoor ornamental plant has beautiful flowers. It is known as Medinilla magnifica bella or the pink lantern pink. Native to tropical zones, it grows large, dangling pink flowers from its stems. Grow in an area with bright light but away from hot sunlight.

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