7 Outdoor & Indoor Houseplant that Grow Without Sunlight

7 Outdoor & Indoor Houseplant that Grow Without Sunlight


Homiful.com -- Houseplant, in general, require a solar source of light to grow. Photosynthesis requires sunlight to thrive and grow more lushly. However, not all plants can grow in the presence of sunlight. if you live in a low-light environment, the following 7 plants may be an option.



Idea for putting in a corner of a room or office. This dracaena has many varieties that can survive in low light conditions and includes plants that area easy to grow and difficult to kill.

Ferns of maidenhair


It now grows in the shade and in natural light, and its habit of growing in humid environments makes it tolerant of low light indoors.



Pothos is an excellent plant for decorating this room. Vines that can be long and used to decorate the walls of the living room, bathroom, or bedroom can act as an air purifier.

Snake plant


This air-purifying indoor plant can grow without direct sunlight. Snake plant grows well indoors and has sword-like leaves that are frequently used as room decorations. This plant belongs to the rigid succulent and stores water in its leaves.



One of the indoor plants that can survive without direct sunlight is the chinese evergreen. According to NASA, these plants are among the best air filters on the world. It is simple to maintain, making it appropriate for beginners.



This bromeliad will add beautiful color to the room as well as festive look. it has multicolored flowers, thrives in low light, and dislikes direct sun exposure because it can damage the leaves.



Appear with peacock-like tropical leaves. This calathea grows well indoors with low light and is effective at making the atmosphere of the room more tropical and festive.

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