Fabulous 7 Ideas Make Garden Stairs to Level Up Your Home Plot

 Homiful.com - Try remodeling your outdoor stairway with a garden for stunning and fresh nuance. You can grow the houseplant or lush plant or other. Then, look at these Fabulous 7 Ideas Make Garden Stairs to Level Up Your Home Plot. Check it out!

Colorful the circular granite stairway


A granite stairway that uses a circular shape looks natural and has a good design. And you can grow some plants or greenery along the side of this stairway. Combine with colorful plants or flowers to make a stunning garden.

Hydrangea garden at the side of outdoor steps


Even the outdoor stairway has short steps, you can design them to level up the appearance. Utilize the empty side of the stairway for growing the plant as a garden. Such as Hydrangea or other plants that can thrive outdoors and in the environment.

The fairytale garden as the railing of steps


Do you have a long stairway outdoors? Then, decorate them with a garden stairway for stunning and make it like a fairytale concept. Try changing the railing of the stairway greenery or other plants as a garden. Not for all railing, you still install the iron fence for safety.

Garden stairs with lion guards


Besides putting the plants as a garden around the stairway, you can add some decoration. It will make your stairway look pretty and enhance the level. Put the stature of lions that also can use as guards. Not just the lion, put other statues or others to make a guard effect in this garden stairway.

Match design for the garden and outdoor stair


Getting matching between the garden and steps also brings up the appearance of outdoor design. If the stairway has a design in bright hues, you can make combine the green and bright plants for the garden around.

Pretty garden at the side of the lazy sandstone stairway


The lazy stairway sandstone looks pretty and elegant outside. Then, add the garden at the side of this stairway for a stunning and fresh atmosphere. Not only greenery, but you can also combine the plants that look suitable with the stairway. Or use the topiary concept to make a fancy effect in this stairway accent.

Add lighting under the stairway for a pretty garden environment


After growing plants as the garden at the side of a stairway, continue with the other design. You can add some hidden lamps under the steps for lighting. This concept will look gorgeous at night with bottom lighting.

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