7 Positive Energy Plants that will Boost Your Mental Health

Homiful.com -- It has often been said that plants and gardening activities are effective in relieving our stress levels. Constantly seeing and being near plants will provide us a with peace of mind. Fortunately, there are some plants that can help us relax and improve our mental health, both in terms of appearance and benefits.

Here are 7 Positive Energy Plants that will Boost Your Mental Health.

1. Peace lily

@ Among the Lilacs

As the name implies, the peace lily is a plant that brings both freshness and peace. Its white spathe resembles a flower that gives tranquility to anyone who sees it. It's no surprise, that the peace lily is frequently used as a gift of encouragement for those in morning. It is a plant that represent compassion, care, and support.

2. Calathea Peacock

@ Logee's Tropical Plants

The Calathea peacock is loved for its lush green foliage in gorgeous colors and shades. It is the perfect plant to beautifully accent your home with bright, indirect light. Green leaves with white strikes and purple underside will add an exotic touch to your home. A beautiful plant that will make you happy.

3. Indoor jasmine

@ bgw

Bring fragrant and beautiful indoor flower plants into your home. They will give you a fresh scent and boost your spirit. You can grow indoor jasmine in bright, indirect light especially on a South or west window. Beside being fragrant, jasmine will beautify your indoor setting.

4. Hoya vine

@ Livy

Feel free to bring hoya plants to your garden or home! The hoya plant is a vine that will be great to grow dangling from a hanging pot. With proper care, beautiful purplish flowers will bloom. Some of the flowers have a sweet scent, which is getting stronger at night. The scent of the flowers will help you relax at night.

5. Jade plant

@Ben Huygen

The jade plant is more than just a beautiful succulent. This plant is commonly gives as a gift to friends. Not without reason, the jade plant is regarded as a lucky charm that brings money and luck to its owner. The jade plant is an adaptable succulent both in indoor and outdoor environment.

6. Lucky bamboo


Adding lucky bamboo to the room will make it feel peaceful. This plant promotes positive energy, while also purifying the air. Plant lucky bamboo in a red planter filled with water and pebbles and place it in a tray filled with earth pebble and metal ornament, as shown above.

7. Snake plant


We call the snake plant the million-person plant. It's very friendly and won't stress you out in terms of maintenance. Repeated neglect in terms of watering or fertilizing will still make it grow well in the house. The snake plant also promotes good indoor air quality by removing air toxins.

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