Creative Ideas to Decorating Any Space with Refreshing Plants -- Many artificial decorations have been found and are now not so popular. During the pandemic, the love for plants has greatly increased for various groups. They not only took care of them to fill their free time, but also started making plants as decorations for various rooms. For some decorating ideas using plants that you can emulate, check out Creative Ideas to Decorating Any Space with Refreshing Plants.



 Choose size of plants

Which plant size do you prefer? You can make your selection based on the available space. You can add some large plants near the window in the remaining space around the family room like this. Lighter areas near windows are ideal for growing houseplants.

Space saving indoor garden

This indoor garden will be ideal for filling the hallway or an empty area near the terrace. Plants that are neatly arranged can make the space around them more comfortable. You can neatly and attractively arrange some pots on a wall shelf. Adjust the number of plants in relation to the available space to avoid overcrowding.

Small porch garden

The next area you can decorate with plants is the front porch. In the empty area around the entrance, use shelves to neatly arrange plants. The presence of plants near the entrance will greet anyone who visits your home.

Urban jungle style

The use of large numbers of plants in this manner is a trend with an urban jungle style. The arrangement of plants at various angles appears to provide the most freshness. You can put it in your relaxation area. Some plants are hanging, vines, in rattan planters, or in other unusual arrangements.

Vines as divider

Have you ever thought about having a plant divider? now you have to try it bravely. Use standing to propagate plants and make a unique divider that offers freshness. Place it on any area you want to partition.




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