7 Tropical Flower Species For Your Gardens

 Homiful.com - The tropic zone is the place where most of the plant variety lives. And not frequently found unique plants in this zone that are not found in other continents. Here we will share with you about 7 Tropical Flower Species For Your Gardens. Check it out!

Scadoxus multiflorus


Scadoxus or can call with Blood Lilies is a beautiful flower that grows from rhizomatic bulbs and produces false stems that are made of leaves. This flower can survive in full sun to partial shade and flower in late summer through fall. Blood Lilies are highly toxic and sometimes used to make poisons for fishing hooks or arrows.



The first thought you have in mind is probably Bali or Hawai after looking at this flower. Has name is Frangipani, this fragrant flower thrives in little caring and easy to strike from cuttings. This flower also looks beautiful in float bowls or pools in summer. 



Include tropical plants, Amaryllis or Hippeastrum can survive in partial sun and flower in spring or summer but can be force bloomed in winter. And this flower is native to Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. The flower is popular because of the cherry red varieties and is perfect for gifts.

Beehive ginger


It has a botanical name Zingiber spectabile, this plant continuously flowers for 6 months of the year. And the leaves of this plant looked like a banana tree. The flower can grow in yellow, gold, and caramel tones, and emerge from ground level looking like baby beehives.

Gloriosa (flame lily)


Gloriosa is a climbing plant that can reach up to 60 cm long or in height. The flower can bloom year after year. Gloriosa or flame lily produces bright, waxy, swept-back petals. And you can arrange them by growing them on a trellis or using moss for the best growth.



Heliconia or 'Lobster claws' is a beautiful tropical flower that is easy to grow. The flower has vibrant and fiery looking. Besides being easy to grow, this plant is also low in maintenance and the flower is perfect to attract birds and butterflies around.

Costus comosus (red tower ginger)


This tropical plant has a fragrant flower that is edible and has a sweet taste. Sometimes the flower is used for decorating the summer salad. Costus form a beehive-like cone shape, but the flower is higher up than beehive ginger. And they have a yellow or pink flower that emerges among the petals of the red cone.

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