Clever Way To Keep Your Plants Hydrated Through Summer - Summer heat also makes us dehydrated, and it can solve by swimming in a pool or drink cold water. And plants, like us, need hydrated to grow well during the summer heat. Luckily, we have some information to help you care for the plants during summer. Look at these Clever Way To Keep Your Plants Hydrated Through Summer. Check it out!

Get water in the morning


During summer, it's easy to evaporate the water in a plant before it gets down to the roots. Then, it will be a good choice if you water the plant in the early morning or evening. Besides can avoid evaporating the plants, it also avoids the water droplets on the leaves get heat from the sun and scorching the plant.

Don't allow overwatering


Maybe the good way to hydrate your plants during summer is to use balance watering. Overwatering is not good for your plants even in the summer. The excess moisture resulting from too much water in the soil reduces the supply of oxygen, increases the development of bacteria, and eventually leads to fungal diseases. During summer, you can water the plant only when the soil is dry.

Get enough mulch


Various mulch can help the plant grow well. And you can get mulch into your plant to protect it from excessive heat and keep the soil moist during the summer. Apply a thick layer of organic mulch, especially if the garden is prone to excess heat, for the best results.

Regularly weed the plants


Weeding the garden can help retain the soil and also give the plant grow their best. And during summer, the plant will require special care when the heat is in excess. Like many weeds can flourish in dry soils where plants struggle. And you can weed at least once a week or twice a month for ultimate results.

Apply irrigation hoses


Hydrating the plant during summer is a must to help the plant grow well. You can use irrigation or soaker hoses for the watering method. Both methods get water slowly to the roots which is can save water and avoids too much evaporation from the summer heat.

Protect the plant by using the shade covers


Use shade cover to keep the plant hydrated and retain soil moisture. You can use an umbrella or pergola or other to cover the summer plant.

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