7 Fast Growing Plants for Impatient Gardeners

Homiful.com -- Gardening is actually a long process. However, there are times when we are really tired and can't wait for the plants we grow to look delightfully lush. In fact, we have given our best effort to grow it.

Yes, that may happen if you choose a slow-growing plant. It will take time for these slow-growing plants to become lush. If you want to reap success more quickly from the result of your houseplant gardening, you can opt for 7 fast-growing plants for impatient gardeners.

1. Pothos plants


Pothos is a very easy houseplant to grow. It has green heart-shaped leaves in splashes of yellow or even white variegation. With proper care, pothos plants can grow up to 12 inches (30 cm) per month, especially during the growing season. Give it more bright, indirect light and nutrients to make it grow quickly and lushly.

2. Spider plants


The spider plant grows quickly. For 6 month to a year, spider plant leaves grow 12 to 15 inches wide and tall. The root easily reach the pot-bound; some recommend repotting this plant every Spring if roots are sticking out of the pot. Within proper care, this lovely plant will produce spiderettes or spider plant's babies.

3. Wandering Jews


Tradescantia pallida is named Wandering Jews for a reason. This plant can grow over a wide area. Tradescantia pallida, or purple heart, is a great plant for creating a dense groundcover. Place it in a brightly lit area to encourage bushy growth of the best purple foliage color.

4. Peace lily


Peace lilies can grow to 2 to 3 feet in its mature size. This plant is easy for you to grow and propagate. You can speed up its growth. Assure that this plant receives plenty of bright, indirect light. Water on a regular basis, especially when the topsoil is dry. Fertilize for two-three months. Good care will make the beautiful white spathe appear.

5. Jade plant

Jade plants are a quicker and easier succulent option to grow. Rosette-shaped leaves in green with burgundy tips look fantastic on woody stems. Jade plants grow faster in temperature ranging from 65 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (18-30 C). Direct sun will result in brightly colored ,thick leaves.

6. Creeping inch plant


Callisia repens, or creeping inch plant, has a fast growth rate. Some types of this plant can grow up to 50 cm per year. This is an excellent choice for a hanging basket or a mini planter. Tiny green leaves with a purplish tinge will quickly fill the pots. Pinch growing tips regularly to encourage bushy growth.

7. Fern


Kimberly, Boston, and Sword ferns are simple and fast-growing houseplants. You can place it in an area with high humidity to promote dense leaf growth. When the air is too dry, mist the plant too. This plant prefer damp areas with indirect light. Keep it away from the direct sunlight and drought.

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