Clean and Cozy Ideas for Small Home Arrangements -- A small house is not the end of a dream home. People who embrace their small square footage manage to create cozy and beautiful small homes. This includes you, the owner of a small house. Check out these small home arrangement ideas below that are worthy of inspiration! Here are clean and cozy ideas for small home arrangements.

Light and warm color scheme


It's never boring to apply a light and warm color scheme to a small home. These color combo are useful for making small spaces feel bigger. Try a combination of white and gray walls which looks great with wooden floors. Arrange the furniture in simple but balanced way to create a pleasant look.

Leave the upper wall empty (negative spaces)

Lucky, if your small house has a high ceiling. You can decorate the walls, but make the upper wall appear empty. The upper wall works as a negative space to create a small space that feels neither too crowded nor too plain. It also creates a room that looks more spacious.

Have sleek furniture and smart decor


Choose sleek and space-saving furniture for a small home. It's good idea to pick a round dining table with dining chairs that can be tucked under the table when not in use. The owner also cleverly installed a large mirror that gives the illusions of a larger space. The large mirror also helps you touch up more easily.

Place only essential furniture

This bedroom is 10 square meters in size. The room is furnished with necessary furniture and decorations. For greater mobility, the bed is positioned in the center of the room. Installing a floating shelf above the headboard bed to house a mini projector for watching movie in the bedroom.

Neat and compact bathroom ideas


This bathroom is fairly small, but can fit more items. Separate the dry and wet areas with as shower curtains. Installing a two-tiered shelf above the toilet is a smart idea for storing toiletries. Install hangers near the door to keep clutter at by in a small bathroom.

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