Acacia Leprosa | Flower and Care

 Homiful.comAcacia leprosa is a native plant that has attractive features. Most found in red flowers, this plant can grow in wild and is also perfect for decoration. You can look at these Acacia Leprosa | Flower and Care. Check it out!

General description


Has another name Cinnamon wattle or Scarlet Blaze this plant is native to Australia. Acacia leprosa can grow in medium to tall shrubs or small trees. During young, they will be sticky and the flower clusters are globular in shape and in pairs in the leaf axils.



The flowers have ball-shaped that appear in spring and attract attention wherever it's planted. Generally, the flowers bloom in pale yellow, although there is a form that has deep pink to scarlet filaments and golden anthers in late winter to early spring. This color fades as the flowers age.



Let's describe the family and structure of Acacia leprosa.

Family : Fabaceae subfamiy Mimosoideae
Distribution : Woodlands of the central tablelands and central west slopes of New South Wales extending into Victoria.
Name history: Acacia - a thorn (from the Greek acis)
leprosa - having a whitish, mealy, or scaly surface, presumably referring to the phyllodes.

At garden


Acacia is a plant that fasts growing and is quite hardy. They prefer moist well-drained soil but can be found drought tolerant. The flower can be in full sun, but some can be tolerant in shade areas. This plant is also tolerant of light frost to -4 degrees C.



Cinnamon wattle is a part of low maintenance plant and tolerant to drought and light frost. This plant can grow in dry and well-drained soil. You can plant them all year because they are adaptable in every season. The special features of Acacia are Erosion control, playground friendly, and bird nesting plant.



Relatively, the propagation of Acacia leprosa is easy. By normal seed-raising methods, and following pretreatment by soaking in boiling water or by scarification. The seeds though will likely produce shrubs with yellow form flowers. And the red form needs to be propagated by cuttings.

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