7 Large Houseplants that Make a Big Statement

Homiful.com -- Decorate your space with just one plant is enough. Not just any plant, but one that can grow large indoors. Big and tall indoor plants will effortlessly create an indoor jungle or tropical statement. Large plants also add a luxurious touch while also cleaning the air in the home. Check out these 7 large houseplants that make a big statement.

Beautiful Big Monstera Deliciousa

via: Susan Neal

With proper and ideal growing conditions, monstera delicious can grow with 18-inch wide leaves and reach 10-15 feet tall indoors. You can grow it on moss cover poles to grow upward with leaves that grow as wide as possible. Place it in bright indirect light to encourage its best color and large leaf growth.

Giant bird of paradise

cr: Kelin / Hydrangea Treehouse

This plant will give a fresh and memorable tropical statement in your home. This is thanks to its large leaves that look like banana leaf plants. The giant bird of paradise can thrive indoors as long as you place it in a very sunny place. Water it thoroughly on a regular basis.

Calathe orbifilia

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Calathea orbilia is loved for its large, wide leaves and stunning patterns. This plant will give off a  jungle vibe that makes your space aesthetically pleasing. To make it grow big and healthy, feed it once a month with the right liquid plant fertilizer with high nitrogen levels.



cr: Panorama

Colocasia or elephant ears plants will give you a big green statement in your home. Typically, colocasia is grown outdoor, but you can bring it indoor. The plant needs moist soil, warmth, and humidity. Grow it in a place with bright but indirect light; you may need to place a humidifier, as the plant love a humid atmosphere.

Palm plants

cr: Mr and Mrs Howe

Palm is an all-home plant. Palm plants can tolerate low light conditions, but for big palm growth, place them in a location with bright indirect light. This plant can reach a height of 2-6 feet with elegant pinnate leaves.

Ficus lyrata

cr: Faiza's Diary

You don't need plenty of plants if you already have this majestic ficus lyrata. Indoors, the plant can grows to 2 - 10 feet tall. Ensure you provide basic treatments such as regular watering, good potting, and proper pot size. Feed a little less in the spring and summer. More bright light will encourage its optimal growth.

Split leaf philodendron

cr: Happy Interior Blog

At first glance, this plant looks like to Monstera with similar leaf shape. Split-leaf philodendron will make a big statement in your home. This plant can grow optimally with bright, indirect light and reach a height of 6 feet. This plant prefer moist but not soggy soil.

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