6 Expert Tips for Decorating a Room with Houseplant in Your Home

6 Expert Tips for Decorating a Room with Houseplant in Your Home

Homiful.com -- Where there is an abundance of green, tall, invigorating towering plants, life becomes more interesting. According to many experts, a house with plants inside can make the space more meaningful and beneficial. Displaying interior or exterior with many plants can be a topic of conversation for anyone, even those unfamiliar with plants. Houseplant, on other hand, can provide numerous benefits to both the owner and the environment. You can see 6 examples of how to display plant design at home.

Make a focal point out of a group of plants


More plants can help to focus and clear a space. You can almost achieve this by relocating the plant to a large and tall location. Use a large planter to keep all of the plant's roots in check. Each type of plant should be centered with a triangle shape and arranged in a regular pattern.

Make vertical draft 


Using the vertical concept, you can completely transform the look of the space. Arrange them neatly and lengthen the plants by using vines such as pothos, philodendron, or syngonium. Create depth by selecting practical and attractive planting pots. This can be advantageous in cases where space is limited.

Greening your bed


Try adding new ideas to the interior of the bedroom by hanging plants in the sky or vines on the wall. Bring plants that are easy to care for, tolerant, and have a low light. This will create a relaxing vacation atmosphere with a true tropical theme.

Tuck plants in unexpected places


Make the home garden more tropical and colorful. It's a simple method for creating and placing in the most secluded areas. Place small plants, such as succulents, on display shelves with decorations. This  design will add depth, color, and interest to the space concept.

Plants surrounding the seat


Plants can provide an active and beneficial life. Plants can be strategically placed in a seating area to create a tropical atmosphere for everyone. Use hanging or tree plants and collect them thoroughly.

Adorn your dining room


Houseplants can liven up the dining room for a long time. This creative way will increase the center of attention while not interfering with a decoration. Pothos, dracaena, ficus, and bird of paradise area examples of plants that can brighten up any room.

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