Our Top 7 Picks For Modern, Indoor Houseplants

 Homiful.com - Mostly, all of us love plants around. Be it at the home, office, school, or other places. Having plants can reduce stress, give good air quality, and more benefits. And here you can see Our Top 7 Picks For Modern, Indoor Houseplants. Check it out!

Dracaena marginata (Madagascar Dragon Tree)


Dracaena or can call with Madagascar Dragon Tree is a houseplant that provides lots of visual appeal. This houseplant can grow easy at indoors and they are slow growing. Dracaena can grow up to 6 feet tall and develop an attractive trunk structure. 

Place this houseplant in some bright, indirect sunlight mixed with a little shade and keep the soil slightly moist. To be known, the leaves are poison to cats and dogs.

Majesty Palm


Bring a tropical accent to your home by putting Majesty Palm. Put this houseplant in the bright, indirect sun for the best growth, but avoid direct and intense sunlight that can make the leaves burn. Like other plants, you can water Majesty Palm when the soil is slightly too dry, but never let completely dry.



Another tropical plant that you can try to put at home or office is Bromeliad. Besides providing tropical vibes, this houseplant also gives a modern appearance. Bromeliad will produce bright, vibrant blooms in all different shades, some lasting for as long as 5-6 months out of the year. Place this houseplant in the area with bright, indirect light and water weekly down through the soil as well as in the center of the leaves to encourage blooming.



Hoya or wax plant is a popular houseplant that most of us know and find out about. This houseplant is a group of long-lived vines that are often found in tropical forests. They can adapt to different light levels. Hoya has waxy leaves that store the water, and it makes you no worries to water them.



Cactus are identic to desert plants that can store water on their stems. And you can put this houseplant in your home or office which can increase the looks. Place them in an area where get a lot of good sun from a really bright window and a good watering about once every 2 weeks when the soil starts becoming dry.



If you want a small houseplant at home or office, you can select Haworthia. Haworthia can come in all shapes and sizes. This houseplant tolerates lower amounts of light than your average succulent and needs water only need the soil starts becoming dry.

Fiddle leaf


Bring tropical vibes with this Fiddle leaf or Fig tree is also perfect to decorate your room. This houseplant prefers bright, indirect light and watering only when the top inch or two of soil has dried out. Make sure to rotate occasionally that can make this houseplant grow towards the sun and can become heavy on one side.

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