Alocasia in Water Propagation Guide

Alocasia in Water Propagation Guide -- Depending on your abilities, you can grow ornamental plants in soil or in water. However, growing plants in water may be more difficult than planting in soil. However, propagating plants in water is an easy way to increase their glossy leaves. One of these plants is alocasia, which you can experiment with at home.


Alocasia is a valuable genus of tropical and subtropical plants native to Asia and Eastern Australia. This plant with heart and arrow shaped leaves, also known as elephant ears, has a stunning appearance. Being a thriving indoors plant is very appealing. There are numerous varieties with various patterns that can grow up to 12 feet tall.

Best water-tolerant alocasia plant varieties


- Green leaves with stingray-like wings characterize Alocasia stingray.
- Alocasia zebrina is distinguished by shield or arrow-shaped leaves. On the stem, there is a zebra print mark in black and yellow.

Alocasia in water cultivation


You'll need a glass jar, scissors, a plant cutter, and if necessary gravel rocks. Plant form the pot and celan it from the roots so that only the clump of plant is visible. Gently separate the plant in a larger jar, a glass bowl filled with chlorine water, with a knife. Place in an area with bright but indirect light.

Alocasia care in water


- Make sure to place it in an area with plenty of indirect light. Do not leave the jar in direct sunlight for an extender period of time. Place it on a windowsill if necessary.

- Replace the water in the glass jar every 5 - 7 days, or sooner if the color begins to change. You can use either  gallon or chlorinated water. Allow tap water to sit overnight if using.


- Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer with 1/2 teaspoon 3 - 4 weeks into the growing season, mix it in 2 gallons of water, and use the solution to fill the jar with water.

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