Homemade Synthetic Fertilizer for Bushy, Green Pothos!

Homemade Synthetic Fertilizer for Bushy, Green Pothos!

Homiful.com -- For beginners, pothos planting is very simple to dry. Although planting and upkeep are simple, artificial fertilizers that can make pothos greener and grow thicker must support the natural way to keep plants lush. Making synthetic fertilizers is a very simple process that can replace household waste. Pick one of the homemade fertilizers for pothos listed below:



Prepare 10 to 20 clean, completely dried eggshells if you want to make eggshell fertilizer. With this fertilizer, plants will become lush and green. Use this calcium-rich fertilizer to water plants or sprinkle it on plant pots because it is a good source of calcium.

Salt of Epsom


Did you know that epsom salt is an excellent source of sulfate and magnesium for indoor plants? This will be especially helpful for pothos, which can shield plants from pests and disease while promoting bushy plants growth.

Banana peel


Pothos plant can get the nutrients they need from banana peels. Pothos plants can flourish and become more colorful in this way. Anyone can make something simple. Just add water to a glass bottle and the banana peel.

Orange peel water


It's crucial to use artificial fertilizer made from orange peel water when growing ornamental plants. Because the peel has the ability to release nitrogen, and ornamental plants enjoy the results. Making this fertilizer is simple, but it's important to avoid putting orange peels in a glass jar with water.

Fertilizer made from onions


Actually, onion skins can  be used as a plant fertilizer. Which has elements like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and nitrogen that are beneficial to plants. Additionally, it can facilitate photosynthesis, promote flowering, and promote lush plant growth.

Water for rinsing rice


Plant growth can be made more fertile by regularly watering plants with rice washing water. This is incredibly simple to accomplish used rice washing water that can be used to water plant directly. Calcium, minerals, and other components are among its contents.

Peels of leftover fruits and vegetable


Plants will grow more fertile thanks to this synthetic fertilizer. Use the peels of fruits and vegetables that have been soaked the previous night. Yes, there's a chance that this will smell bad. You can spray it on leaves or mix it with regular water to water plants. This fertilizer offers plants a good source of micronutrients and npk.

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