7 Favorable Indoor Burgundy Houseplants

7 Favorable Indoor Burgundy Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Burgundy-colored ornamental plants are obviously very popular and a hot topic in plants nurseries. Everyone finds the striking burgundy color to be very alluring, even novices who enjoy ornamental plants. Burgundy-colored plants are definitely very exotic for indoor or outdoor decoration. Those who are truly hooked should look at the list of plants below:

Rattlesnake Plant


The most well-known member of the calathea species, which ha red patterns on its lower leaves, grows upright at night. Looks amazing when used as a group of houseplants for decoration. This Brazilian plant was discovered in a damp environment.

Ficus Elastica Belize


The well-known ficus, whose leaves are very chewy and can be found in many home interiors, is the curry plant. This plant thrives in tropical climates and is very well-liked. The leaves are very attractive for room decoration and range in color from red to dark green to burgundy. In addition, this plant has the ability to purify the air in the space.

Rex Begonia


The most well-liked ornamental plant, the rex begonia, comes in a wide variety and looks stunning. Many admirers of ornamental plants adore the color's full burgundy nuances and how entrancing it is. With routine watering and placement in a location with some light, they require little maintenance.

Anthurium "Black Beauty"


This burgundy spathe, a variety of anthurium with impressive leaves, is consistently the most beautiful plant available for use as a houseplant. The first species of the genus, anthurium Black Beauty, has flowers that can be cut and added to floral arrangements.

Cordyline Fruticosa


This plant, also known as a TI plant, has a high tolerance for direct sunlight and is frequently grown as a landscaping. It is well known for its lengthy leaves, deep burgundy color, and palm tree-like shape. Tends to be a plant that can survive without watering, but caution is still required.

Cordyline Red Sensation


One of the most popular plants for summer centerpieces in containers is this one. The Cabbage Palm is the name of this stunning plant. Its burgundy sword-like leaves would look fantastic in a shaded garden.

Purple Syngonium Beauty


This arrow vine has a deep, burgundy-colored, golden green appearance. This attractive plant has a propensity to grow compactly when young before maturing into a climbing plant. Very attractive, likes partial light, and has hanging plants.

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