Top Cute Plants That Work as Hair for Your Planter -- You can be as creative as you want with the plants! Potted plants can look more adorable and cute than ordinary potted plants. You may have seen planters that resemble the shapes of heads with faces. A planter like would be perfect for plants that grow lush and look like hair.

What are some hair-like plants for your planter? Here are some cute plants that work as hair for your planter.

Turtle Vine


The turtle vine plant (Callisia repens) is a creeping succulent native to South and Central America. It has darker purple stems with small, delicate leaves. It grows so fast, up to half a meter per year, so it's great idea to grow it in a unique planter as shown. 

Turtle vine looks like adorable bushy hair within proper care. Place it in bright, indirect light and keep it away from direct sunlight.

String of pearls


String of pearls (Seneciorowleyanus) is a delicate succulents that works well as a hanging plant. Its green pearl strings will thrive in a warm, dry environment or a sunny window. The string of pearls will also serve as the perfect green ''hair'' for this lovely closed planter sculpture. This planter with hair-like string of pearls will make you get a beautiful, refreshing spot 

Spanish stonecrop


Sedum hispanicum or the Spanish stonecrop, would be the perfect plant for this cute planter. It gives you that adorable green frizzy hair look. The plant has small succulent foliage in blue to green hues. This sedum needs full sun and warmth to thrive. During summer, water it every 7-10 days to keep it happy.

Green tropical plants


Not only do succulents look great as planter hair, but tropical plants like philodendron, fern, or peperomia will look fantastic in a sculpture planter set like this. This planter set comes with different, deep expressions and emotion, which is unique and artistic.

Sedum Burrito


Sedum burrito is a perennial succulent with trailing stems up to 60 cm long. That's why, it's good to display it as a hanging plant in a DIY planter with a face-shape as the one shown. It has fleshy-green leaves and produce pink to red flowers in summer. You may know it as the donkey tail or burro's tail.

Lovely bougainvillea


This street art is so artistic. Brazil's street are stunning with wall murals and bougainvillea flowers that bloom lushly and beautifully. With creativity, plants will complete the landscape more than imagined.

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