7 Plants You Can Grow in Water for Your Home Office

7 Plants You Can Grow in Water for Your Home Office

Homiful.com -- Plants can be classified in a variety of ways, ranging from plants that are very easy to care for to plants that are difficult to kill, air purifying plants to simply decorative plants. Perhaps this time you can select an ornamental plant that grows in water, serves as an air purifier, and is also suitable for home office decoration. 
Plant care does not have to be complicated because the following varieties are classified as easy care and suitable for beginners.

Pilea Cadierei


The aluminium plant, or pilea cadierei, is another name for this plant. The gray leaves with a variety of  interesting motifs look interesting. Grow it in a clear jar of water and place it around the home office, particularly near the window.

Snake plant


The snake plant is thought to be a natural air purifier. It is very easy to care for and grows well even when neglected. This plant is ideal for a home office because it can clean the air of various pollutants and help clean the air at night.

Peace lily


This lovely flower plant will liven up the atmosphere in your home office. NASA believes that the peace lily is the best air purifying plant for removing various harmful pollutants. This plant is ideal for the office desk or a corner of the room.



Monstera is a popular tropical rainforest plant known for its hollow foliage, dark green color, and enormous size. Its appealing appearance also can environmental benefits, such as purifying the atmosphere of pollutants. Growing it in water allows the roots to grow quickly.



This gleaming red display will create a cheery atmosphere. Anthurium andreanum is a lovely plant that can be grown in a glass filled with water and exposed to morning light.



Clearly, if ornamental plants can alleviate workplace boredom. The plant, in particular, has a stunning color. This is a coleus that can make your office look more vibrant and bright. Grow it in a glass filled with water and store it somewhere shady or with partial light.



Pothos is a vine plant with green leaves that comes in many varieties. This plant grows quickly in water and is also very simple for beginners to care for. Pothos grows well indoors or outdoors and is an excellent air purifiers.

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