Top 7 Plants for Coffee Table Decorations

Top 7 Plants for Coffee Table Decorations -- Using ornamental plants, look for new features to complement the interior of the house. Apart from the size and shape of the planter used, the selection of ornamental plants that appear thoroughly gives a fresh impression to the room. Plants can be placed in a variety of locations, including the coffee table in your room, in addition to the corner. Of course this method will provide a  positive and complete impression.

 Gerbera Daisy  


A gerbera daisy is a lovely flower plant with warm colors. Can give the impression of zeal and boost positive energy in the room NASA has designated this gerbera daisy as an excellent indoor air purifying plant.



The deep green leaves are refreshing and add a tropical feel to the room. It could be the decoration of your coffee table to improve the appearance of the room. Philodendron plants are an excellent choice for creating the impression of a lush forest.



Using this small palm to give a dramatic, tropical, and refreshing impression to the room can make your table more understated. To keep the palm looking appealing, make sure its size doe s not exceed the capacity of the table.

Pencil cactus x Pachira


Leaving aside the function of the coffee table, which is often used to place drinks or dishes, experimenting with new ways to make a coffee table as a place for plants, such as this one, can be an interesting solution.



Pothos is the best plant for a coffee table because it can make a room look tropical and jungle-like. With partial or direct lighting, pothos can be a productive indoor plant. If a coffee table isn't an option, place it one a windowsill.

Small Philodendron


The philodendron, like the other options, is still a mainstay for refreshing room decor. With plants and planters made of synthetic rattan, even this coffee table will complement the classic room theme.



Tulips are beautiful flowers with a very beautiful blooms. At home, you can place and create the most unique decorative plants for coffee tables. If you don't mind, putting it on a windowsill with partial light is also a good option.

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