7 Creative Ideas to Make Your Attractive Succulent

Homiful.com -- If you are a collector of succulents, making it look attractive, of course, give a non-boring look and be a decoration that you can place anywhere. Succulents that have easy care will also be plants that you can have easily. Check out 7 Creative Ideas to Make Your Attractive Succulent.

Creative succulent planter

Whether you have an unused item like a metal tumbler, a small pot, or other unused item that can be used as a planter, you can use it as a variety of succulent containers. Choose succulents with various varieties, so they don't cover the appearance of the used items you use.

Vertical succulent garden

If you want to create a succulent garden but don't have space, use the wall area by creating a vertical garden style that contains a variety of succulent varieties that you like. Place it in an outdoor area that has bright light and makes the succulents grow well.

Succulent cage

Fill this birdcage-style planter with succulents to create a unique and eye-catching hanging plant. Place it on the ceiling porch where you normally keep real bird cages. A stunning look cannot be achieved with just one succulent cage.

Using items

This succulent planter is distinguished by the use of a rusted standing lamp. You can fill it with sandy soil to encourage succulent growth. Place it in a garden area to create a one-of-a-kind garden lamp substitute.

Succulent wreath

Wreaths are typically made of vines or flowers that are arranged in a beautiful pattern and displayed at the front door. You can now achieve a different look by arranging succulents in a circle, similar to wreaths in general. Choose a succulent variety in a color that appeals to you.

Multilevel pots

Succulent has a lot of creative ideas for making it look amazing. You can choose several different sizes of pots, such as this one, and then stack them with increasingly smaller sizes. You can display it in front of the door to anyone who comes in.

Spilled succulent pot

You can use this one idea to plant succulents in pots in a more unique way. Plant succulents and pots that appear to spill over to make it more appealing. You can make it not only as a decoration, but also as a gift for friends and family.

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