The 7 MOST Stunning Container Foliage Plants

The 7 MOST Stunning Container Foliage Plants -- Many gardeners prefer ornamental plants because they can create a peaceful atmosphere. Foliage plants become extremely important for large pots with a variety of textures, colors, contras, and flowers. Check out The 7 MOST Stunning Container Foliage Plants below if you want to add beauty to a room with the perfect combination. 



The plant Alocasia has patterned leaves. Gardeners prefer this plant because of the striking beauty of the leaf pattern. There are quite a lot of types, including this Alocasia Silver Dragon. The leaf pattern is eye-catching and has a silver green tint to it.

Colocasia Esculenta Black Lava


Colocasia esculenta black lava has large and beautiful leaves. When used as the plant of choice, the large, shiny leaves have a smooth texture and look dramatic. The veins of pink leaves on this plant have a distinct pattern section with almost dark purple accents.

Colocasia Pharaoh's Mask


The colocasia, also known as the pharaoh's mask, is a unique variety with bright leaves that stand out. As well as leaf veins that add depth. The leaf margins are dark and curl downward. This plant can reach a height of 4 feet and is best suited for large containers.



Caladium are the plants with the colorful leaves that are well-known as ornamental plant. There are numerous types that can be found anywhere. This one has pink and white veins in the middle and slightly browned edges on the leaves.



This makoyana is one of several varieties of calathea. The leaves have striking peacock-like markings and are patterned in deep, almost dark green. They can grow up to 30 cm tall. The best way to care for it is to keep it in an area with plenty of sunlight and humidity.

Homalomena variegata


This is not a monstera with large leaves. Is a plant with a different plant that grows well in sun exposure. To avoid burning the leaves, beautiful gradations of green, yellow, and orange require shade and sunlight for about 4 - 5 hours per day.

Begonia Festive Sterling


The begonia is a plant with striking leaves and a stunning appearance. Is a plant known for being difficult to care for. Thrives in the shade that is still exposed to sunlight. Silvery leaves with green edges and splotchy accents.

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