8 Beautiful Flowering Houseplants For Your Bathroom

Homiful.com -- You may have put some green plants in the bathroom. However, have you ever included a list of flowering plants in it? Flowering plants will double the freshness and aesthetic appeal in the bathroom. Some flowers even emit a refreshing fragrance that makes your bath more enjoyable.

Here are 8 beautiful flowering houseplant for your bathroom.

1. Gardenia


Gardenias are probably the best flower plants for the garden, but your can also bring these pure white flowering plants into the bathroom.

Gardenias prefers a humid environment indoor like the bathroom, but you have to place it near the bathroom window with bright light but not direct sunlight. When in bloom, gardenias will reward you with a pleasant, strong floral fragrance.

2. Bromeliad


Bromeliad is a flowering plant that will appreciate the extra humidity in your bathroom. This plant is actually adaptable. It can grow in dry areas or in a spots with lots of moisture in the air. Bromelids also grow well in low or dim lighting. A bromeliad 'silver vase' will give you cute pink flowers.

3. Sansevieria


Sansevieria or snake plant, grows in dry or damp spot such as bathrooms. This plant also survives in low or full sunlight. Sansevieria will give you small flowers with spicy-vanila scent when it reaches a root-bound state. Keep it away from the shower to avoid spoiling.

4. Hoya Mathilde


Hoya flowering plants will brighten up your bathroom with their lovely little white flowers. They also produce sweetly scented flower. This plant thrives in high humidity, and will produce lots of leaves and flowers in high humidity.

5. Orchid


Put orchids on your bathroom plant list. Orchids that prefer high humidity will thrive in a damp, warm bathroom. This lovely plant will be the focus of attention in the bathroom as it maintain their gorgeous flowers for months.

6. Aloe vera


Aloe vera has a rare bloom, and you are lucky to get it. The flowers bloom from upright rosettes in a yellow-orange color. Aloe vera will work to provide clean air in the bathroom. Make sure your bathroom has window with plenty of natural light to keep it happy.

7. Portulaca Molokiniensis


Portulaca molokiniensis are succulents that don't need much attention when they are growing and flowering. They need less water and love to place in a spot near an open window that gets plenty of sunlight. This is a lovely succulent for bathroom windowsills.

8. Begonia


Begonia amaze with their exotic green leaves and adorable flowers. Begonia like moist spot, especially rex begonia. They will thrive in the bathroom and produce even more flowers there. Begonias are also light-tolerant.

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