How To Propagate Oxalis Triangularis/Butterfly Plant Easily - Also known as false shamrock, purple shamrock, and love plant make Oxalis triangularis suitable to decorate your home. Native to parts of South America, this houseplant has unique foliage that the flowers fold closed at night and open in the morning in response to light. 

Then, here we have shared with you How To Propagate Oxalis Triangularis/Butterfly Plant Easily. Check it out!

Caring the Oxalis Triangularis


Oxalis don't need full sun to survive. Just place them in bright to medium with indirect light. In watering time, you can do it when the top inch of the potting mix is dry. 

Get normal household humidity and keep the temperature between 60 and 75 degrees F. Use balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer at half strength every other week while the plant is not dormant.



Offer unique and purple foliage, Oxalis triangularis also bloom beautiful flowers. The flower has look light pinkish purple and white. And the flower also closes at night, just like the leaves.

Oxalis issues


Like other houseplants, Oxalis also get their issues. For example, white spots are commonly due to too much moisture caused by wet, dark, humid conditions with poor air circulation. Besides then, this issue also can be caused by much direct sun. 

Other issues that potentially make a problem for this houseplant are mealybugs, aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies. 

To be known, Oxalis most like not dying, but entering dormancy. After the growing season or too dry while potting mix, the plant will enter dormancy. Don't worry, it will come back after around one to two months.

Propagation by bulbs


Propagate Oxalis triangularis by repotting the bulbs into separate pots while the plant is dormant. Plant the bulbs an inch to two inches down into a pot with moistened potting mix. Space by at least an inch and give a little water and put at bright, indirect light.

Propagation by divisions


Dividing the plant for propagation is a popular way. You can propagate Oxalis triangularis while they out of dormancy. 

Remove the plant from the pot and separate a section, trying not to cause too much damage to the roots, and make sure to get the whole root clump and its bulbs along with the plant.

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