7 Impressive Red Indoor Plants

Homiful.com -- There is something special about red. It brings passion, courage, and the show-stopper. Interestingly, there are some plants that look stunning in red. This plant will astound you. The red flowers or leaves will add a splash of color to your plant collection. Discover 7 impressive red indoor plants.

1. Red Caladium


The red caladium deserves to be a star plant in your home. Over those dark red leaves were dark green nerves. The deep red leaves' large size would easily catch anyone's attention. Place it in the shade or filtered sunlight for healthy growth.

2. Red Mistletoe Cactus


Rhipsalis Ramulosa may be known as the Red Mistletoe cactus. This plant is so unique. It can stay green in winter, but if exposed to direct sunlight constantly, it will trun red. Rhipsalis likes morning sun and full shade during the day. Water the plant when the soil is completely dry.

3. Fittonia Red


See how exotic this Fittonia red is! The strong red color on the nerves stands out even more from the super dark green leaves, which resemble a black hue. Keep it away from cold drafts and heaters, as it can dry out the leaves. This plant prefers high humidity; try to put a pebble try nearby.

4. Red Begonia


Begonia red amazes with its leaves. The leaves can be conspicuous red in the daylight. Begonia prefer moderate to bright indirect light. Water them weekly, letting the soil dry out during watering. Begonias will tolerate dry air but like high humidity.

5. Poinsettia


Poinsettia is a red plant that's suitable for Christmas. The longer they are in the dark during the winter, the more it will encourage the growth of the flowers. The red bract lack chlorophyll but does contain the pigment called as anthocyanins, which gives the poinsettia bright red color.

6. Red Coleus


Coleus is the plant of a million colors. You might also find coleus in a shade of red like this one. It has leaves with serrated edges. Not only is the red color eye-catching, but there is a natural contrast of lime green in the center. Making coleus even more vibrant and beautiful in red shade.

7. Red aglaonema


Red aglaonema is a tropical plant that's kind of easy to care. This plant has intense red and deep green on the edges of the leaves. Put it in a medium-to-bright light with indirect lighting. Since this is a tropical plant, water it regularly.

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