How to Care for Stunning Pink Syngonium for Houseplants -- Houseplants are becoming popular and are collected by many people because of their beauty for decoration. One of the beautiful plants that you can have at home is pink syngonium. This plant has an adorable appearance and is suitable for showing affection to the home and its owner. However, you need to know some important maintenance so that this plant grows well and is healthy. For more detailed pink syngonium care, check How to Care for Stunning Pink Syngonium for Houseplants.



To ensure the best plant growth for the syngonium, use a proper soil with a blend of orchid bark, ferns, worm castings, to keep the soil rich, moist and well drained. Make sure to choose a soil composition and also a pot that has good drainage so that water does not stagnate in the pot, which can damage the roots.



If syngonium in general can grow with medium to dim light, you need to give it a different treatment from this one variety. Give medium to bright light indirectly to maintain the color on the pink leaves. Avoid intense direct bright light as this will burn the leaves easily. If you place it in a dim area, expose it to a few hours in a bright area each day.



Watering is an important part that you need to pay attention to in caring for this one plant. Water this plant when the surface of the soil has dried. But don't neglect watering too much because they will wilt and curl up. Give watering when a few inches of soil has dried. You can water once a week in summer and reduce the intensity in winter.



This syngonium does not have flowers, so fertilization is not needed too often, but fertilizing is very necessary to maximize its growth. Use liquid fertilizer and use it once a month or more. Stop fertilizing in winter and fall, as this is when the plant is dormant.



The ideal humidity level for this plant is at least 40 - 50% to achieve successful growth. If you have an area that is not humid, use a tray filled with water and pebbles to maximize the humidity of the plants, or you can place these beautiful plants in a bathroom with high humidity.



Repotting is an important activity if your plants are actively growing. If you grow it in a small pot, you will need to move it to a larger size every few years so that the roots don't become lumpy and lack nutrients. Remove the plant carefully and place it in a new pot that has fertile soil and the best drainage.
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